Launching a Movement

OpenInvest, a leading socially responsible investing platform, developed an app that revolutionized the way shareholders participate as decision-makers in company practices. As CBS described, this app is the "Tinder of shareholder voting". In the months leading to the app's release, OpenInvest hoped to capitalize on the energy and opportunities generated from such a visionary product. Channeling their expertise as an investing firm, they knew that it was critical to invest wisely in a fresh, comprehensive, and effective marketing plan. Better Impact Marketing was hired to support and guide OpenInvest in their app release, as well as project manage their new brand across web and mobile to ramp a growing client-base.

Better Impact Marketing created a comprehensive roadmap to reach and resonate with OpenInvest’s target market.  This included an integrated product launch plan that included strategies across PR, digital, out-of-home, and direct mail. 


Brand Transformation

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new app launch



Press Coverage