March 2019 Newsletter

We spend all day in an atmosphere of stress and numbers only to come home to a TV screen of overwhelming news. Whether that be mass shootings or global warming, it is hard not to feel helpless. I know I am not alone when I am pondering ways to bring my skills to these issues. Over the last two years I started to notice a pattern in my thinking which center on two main questions:

How can I use my skills to make a dent in the world’s hardest problems? And how can I live my life inside and outside of work in a more connected and compassionate way?

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Tonantzin Brito
10 Tips for New Managers

I was recently asked by a friend of mine to share some tips for managing a team at a young age. I’ve figured out many of these things the hard way, but I figured it might be helpful to share with people who are just starting to manage a team. Your boss is the #1 factor for if you are happy and fulfilled in your job which means new managers have a lot of responsibility to figure it out quickly, and do it well.

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Heather Watkinsmanaging