The Journey…

Revamping a marketing strategy, winning awards, and opening new opportunities

In the February of 2018, we partnered with digital innovation studio Exygy – then a “development and design shop” – to guide them through a complete marketing strategy and messaging overhaul in order to promote themselves as a leader in the technology development space and drive more revenue and growth.


While Exygy’s laser-sharp focus on their clients’ success is part of what makes them an incredible partner, they struggled with the marketing and sales side of the business. Specifically—they struggled with amplifying their work in their target sectors—health and civic.

While concentrating deeply on their main services, they also lacked the operational infrastructure they needed in order to experiment, execute and iterate quickly on the marketing side.


To align Exygy’s mission to their marketing goals, Better Impact Marketing came up with a three-phase plan…

Phase 1: Messaging

The first step of the marketing overhaul was to rethink Exygy’s messaging strategy. Taking a research-driven approach, some of the things we did to learn more about Exygy’s place in the market were:

  • Conducting interviews both internally and externally

  • Detailed website and search engine analysis

  • Completing a market-wide competitive audit

Based on our research, we discovered that Exygy’s unique place in the market was their dedication to building resilient and healthy communities through their human-centered approach to problems. With that in mind, we built a messaging framework, defined core services, determined target customer segments and accounts, developed Exygy’s digital craftsmen story, and tested our messaging out with our target customers.

Redesigned website with new messaging.

Redesigned website with new messaging.

Phase 2: Operational Reconstruction

In order to set the marketing team up for success, we needed to work on the operational infrastructure of the team. With the “digital craftsmanship” messaging we developed in Phase 1 in hand, we:

  • Created a content & event strategy

  • Created & implemented an outbound target account strategy.

  • Implemented for the partners & sales team to leverage

  • Created a new newsletter and social promotional strategy

  • Implemented a new SEO strategy

  • Kicked off a monthly newsletter

  • Built out a partner strategy

  • Established a process to apply for awards and speaking events

  • Setup processes for lead follow-up and marketing reporting

exygy 2.png

A newsletter we launched as part of our new social promotion strategy.

Phase 3: Execution!

Phase 3 was all about on-boarding and execution. We oversaw the execution of all of the new processes we developed. We also provided guidance and helped hire, on board, train and coach a new marketing coordinator in order to ensure a smooth transition.

exygy 3.png


Thanks to Better Impact Marketing, our new messaging, site, content and events feel authentic to our team and vision. They feel representative of the transformation year we had.

- Zach Berke, Exygy


Our overall impact:

  • Increase in channel network referrals

  • New opportunities due to speaking engagements and events, including with the California State Department Health Division.

  • Short Award winner in Best Work in Developing Nations

  • Acquia Award winner in Higher Education

  • Shorty Award finalist in Government & Politics

  • Growth of strategic partnerships through a series of big events

  • Email automation of partners’ prospect nurture

holiday exygy.png