Venmo for Doctors: Launching a New Kind of Telemedicine App That Patients and Doctors Love

Starting a Launch…

Beam Health hired Better Impact Marketing to prepare them to launch the first “pay-as-you-go digital health app” in the telemedicine space. Aimed at independent practitioners, Beam helps small practice doctors compete with larger practices and connect with their patients in a more personal way.

Just like other early-stage startups, Beam needed to have a successful, widely-promoted launch in order to find funding opportunities. To position Beam as the telemedicine solution for independent practitioners, we:

  • overhauled Beam’s messaging

  • developed a Venmo-like billing strategy to make it easier for doctors to get paid

  • tested the product extensively and

  • created and executed on a launch plan

Because of our partnership, Beam was accepted into international healthcare incubator Startup Health, built an advisory board and grew their paying client base.


We started by conducting market research on our competitors and target customers. Based on those insights, we created a strategy for how to approach independent practitioners and overhauled the copy and design of the website and app to reflect our new messaging.

-User Experience Testing-

We went through the user experience of both doctors and patients and identified issues that

detracted from having a safe and pleasant virtual consultation. We also provided recommendations to make the billing flow, user interface and in-product copy more clear and user-friendly.

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What it looks like…

Reworking the billing and payment flow to make it more doctor and patient-friendly.

Launch Strategy

Before the big launch, we workshoped a pricing strategy and practiced demo pitches with the team so they would feel confident talking about the product. We also launched an email campaign that we sent out to Beam’s network to amplify the launch and generate early interest in investing or trying out the product.

Our promotion strategy included press interviews with health tech publications, topping it off with a speaking engagement at the Health 2.0 conference where we officially launched the app.

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